Special News Release: Early Morning Breaks Vol. 3 now available!

EMB Vol. 3 cover art

We promised you an update, and here it is! Massa and Tetsuroh are excited to share the news with you that our track "Frosted Glass" is officially released on Early Morning Breaks Vol. 3 and is now available for download, along with the rest of the album, as of July 24. We just received our copy in the mail a few days ago and had the chance to preview it in its entirety... Massa has had it playing for the past two days, and we're absolutely nowhere near tired of hearing it.

The Nuts and Bolts

This double CD compilation album features tracks by various artists, including Chris Coco, Eddie Thoneick, Erick Morillo, Paul Kalkbrenner, Bent, Gregor Salto, and Wax Poetic featuring Norah Jones. Oh, and Echolocation, too. :D

And as a side note, both the physical album and the Juno download have advantages over one another. For instance, Juno features the full-length, unmixed tracks. This makes for extra listening time, but without the smoothly mixed transitions on the CDs. Additionally, there are some tracks that cannot be downloaded separately from the full album, but downloading the whole thing gives you two bonus continuous DJ Mixes that are not available with the CDs: Early Morning Breaks Vol 3 Session One and Session Two (about an hour and 15 minutes each of chilled listening pleasure).

Our First Impression

While they're both catchy, Vol 3 is a bit smoother than its predecessor, Vol. 2, which had songs with more progression. It's (obviously) a lot longer than 2 as well, but - despite it's length - has a smooth, long-mix feeling with subtle changes to take you on a cool, relaxed ride without wearing you out... And kudos to Peacelounge for releasing this compilation in July - it's a great summer chillout album.

Expect to see another Insider Review sometime in the coming months, where we'll spotlight some of the upcoming, lesser-known talent to be found here. In the meantime, check out this promo video for EMB Vol 3 from Planet Radio.

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  1. Our apologies... It seems the link for the video was broken, but it's all fixed now. Enjoy!