Echolocation News Digest for July, 2011

compiled by Lydia Niehaus Takemoto

Featured topics for July, 2011:
  • Early Morning Breaks, Vol 3 now on sale in Germany
  • Echolocation's "Frosted Glass" on DJ Nova's Monthly Top 20
  • Free track giveaway in exchange for feedback!

Early Morning Breaks,Vol 3 now on sale in Germany

We mentioned the upcoming release in last month's News Digest, and now we're happy to report that  peacelounge's chillout/downtempo compilation series, Early Morning Breaks Volume 3 is now available for download as of June 24, 2011. Featuring our track, "Frosted Glass," the double-CD album is available in Germany for the time being, and we expect it to be on shelves in other countries soon. We'll let you know as soon as it is!

(For all our German friends, you can get the CD on Amazon.de, or download the unedited tracks from Juno.)

In the meantime, you can stream our track right here!

Frosted Glass by massa takemoto

Echolocation's "Frosted Glass" on DJ Nova's Monthly Top 20

A special thanks to DJ Nova for including our most recent release on EMB Vol. 3 in his Monthly Top 20! (You may remember our first Mix Fix which featured this Greek DJ's Kappa Sessions Podcasts... He's recently uploaded a new mix, Casa Del Sol #18, so check it out!)

Anyhow, here's DJ Nova's pick for the month of June, 2011, as listed on his Facebook Page:

1. Blank & Jones/De-Phazz Mix – Pura Vida – Soundcolours
2. Echolocation – Frosted Glass – Peacelounge Promo
3. ClassicBeatz/Barbera Remix – Kampala Hustle – CD-R
4. AGQ – Lights Dimming – Cool D:Vision **
5. The Bas Lexter Ensample – Celias Baile – Deja-Tunes Promo
6. Captain Planet – Ningane – Bastard Jazz Promo
7. Makala – Makalambo – Lovemonk Promo
8. Channel Two/Deja-Move Downbeat Rework – Deux Vegas – Deja-Tunes Promo
9. Sudaka/Lounge Mix – Day One – Peacelounge Promo
10. Kidboy/Peruvian Mix – The Culture – Jazz & Milk Promo
11. Nossa Alma Canta – Bonecos Reis – Self Released Promo
12. 80’s Casuals – Mermaid – Cold Busted
13. Gecko Turner/Mudd 56 Remix – You Can't Own Me – Lovemonk Promo
14. Vision/Deja-Move Remix – Justify – Deja-Tunes Promo
15. Don Imuze – Grizzly Dub – Agogo Promo
16. Murat Tugsuz – Constantinople – Feng Shui
17. Florian Fai – Downtown Meditation – Clubland
18. Jap Jap – Morning Light Dream – MoRNiNG SuNTouCH ***
19. Atfunk/Downtempo Edit – Something About You – Timewarp
20. Kraak & Smaak – Call Up To Heaven – Cool D:Vision Promo

* FREE DOWNLOAD: http://classicbeatz.bandcamp.com/album/ntales-groove-remix-ep
** Taken from New York Fashion District 3
*** FREE DOWNLOAD: http://www.migrationsradio.com/worldwide/novaplanet/MoSuN07.rar

(tracks marked with * are unreleased)

Q-Burns Abstract Message – Balearic Chainsaw – Eighth Dimension*

Juan De Dios & Stephen Kells – Unfamous Cuts – Nylon Promo


Free track giveaway in exchange for feedback! 

Echolocation: Beauty in an Empty Glass
Echolocation is now offering everyone who gets the CD or digital download of Beauty in an Empty Glass from CD Baby the chance to give us feedback and get a free download at the same time! If you leave your e-mail address for us while checking out at CD Baby, we'll contact you on the following Monday with a link to our questionnaire, which asks for feedback regarding our album, blog, and our music in general. Persons who complete the questionnaire are provided with a link to a free download of one of our previously unreleased tracks, "limelight."

The questionnaire DOES NOT collect any personal or demographic info about you, the listener. It's just a way for our fans to give us feedback and help us understand how to spread the word about our music! If you order the album but do not wish to complete the survey, just ignore the mail. We only ask once, so you won't be hassled with follow-ups or repeated requests!

Love and Peace,
Massa and Tetsuroh

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