Mix Fix: Dmitry K - Terrace Deep House

As promised, we're continuing this month's theme of good outdoor tunes, this week with Dmitiry K's Terrace Deep House mix from Mixcloud. Although this mix was recorded during the winter of 2009, don't be fooled - this Russian-born DJ of London knows how to keep it hot, even in the snow! So for your weekend patio party, keep the groove going with this hour or so of deep house tunes.

Genre: Downtempo Chill Out / Deep House / Lounge / Chill Out / Afterhours
Matthias Vogt, Doomwork & Aliya Moore, Deep House Souldiers, Duran Y Garcia, David Durango, Cavalier, Terry Lee Brown Jnr., Falko Brocksieper, Matthias Vogt, Ronin, Pete Gust, Kresy & Handrus, Limos

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